Selling Tips : Helpful Hints


Helpful Hints For Selling Your Home

Please follow these simple suggestions to help us sell your home quickly and for the best possible price. Remember, we do not get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Cleaning & Fixing Up

First impressions are lasting - a bright and cheery home invites inspection.


Keep your lawn trimmed and edged - remove cuttings or clutter from yard.
Weed and cultivate gardens and flowerbeds - plant some flowers for color and brightness.
Trim hedges.
Clean sidewalks of dirt, snow or ice.
Repair fence and paint if possible.
Clean garage of all unneeded articles, paint trim and wash doors and windows, wash driveway.
Wash all windows - repair damaged screens and windows.
Remove objects from sidewalk such as children's toys.
Make sure the Real Estate sign is visible and upright.


Clean walls, floors and windows.
Remove clutter from halls & stairs to give a wider appearance.
Remove all unneeded articles from storage & closet space to display full value of your utility and storage spaces.
Clean basement - retile or paint floor to add brightness - remove unwanted articles.
Clean around furnace and hot water tank.
Clean windows.
Paint basement stairs if necessary.
Repair plumbing such as leaking faucets, toilets.
Repair burnt out light bulbs - add higher wattage bulbs for brightness in areas such as the basement.
Repair sticking doors, oil hinges and generally tighten all hardware such as kitchen cabinets, door knobs and closet doors.
Replace loose floor tiles where necessary.
In general, fix any minor defects and especially wash marked walls and dust.

These Items Are Really Critical:


Stove, refrigerator, sink and floors should be spotless.
Leave all work space clear and remove dirty dishes from sink.
Wash all cupboard exteriors.


Neat, spotless and fresh.
Fix minor things such as caulking around bathtub.
Remember: Kitchens and bathrooms sell many homes.

When Showing Your Home

Three's a crowd - More will lose the sale. Avoid having too many people present during showings. The prospect will feel like an intruder and will hurry through the home. Please try to be out during showings.
In the shadows - Please do not accompany the Prospect and the Salesperson. They know the Buyer's requirements and can better emphasize the features of your home when alone. They will call you if needed.
Love me, love my dog - Does not apply in house selling. Keep your pets out of the way and preferably out of the home.
Silence is golden - Be courteous but do not force conversation with the Prospect. He is there to inspect your house - not pay a social call.
Be it ever so humble - Never apologize for the appearance of your home. After all, it has been lived in. Let our trained Real Estate Salesperson answer any objections that may be raised.
Music is mellow - But not when showing a house. Turn off the TV and radio - they are distractions. Let the Salesperson and the Prospect talk, free of such disturbances.

Other Points to Consider

Open doors in the daytime and close them at night. Turn on all lights or let us turn them on for the entire showing. Strong odors can ruin a sale. Make sure your home is as fresh as possible.
We would also appreciate your comments on any special feature about the home such as the yard, the location, or any other pluses. Just mention them to your Salesperson so that he or she may pass them onto prospective purchasers as well as other Realtors.
Not discussing price, terms, possessions or other factors with prospective purchasers is best. Refer them to your Salesperson. He or she is better equipped to bring the negotiation to a quick and favorable conclusion.
PLEASE remember that this is not meant as criticism of your property, but merely as an aid to market your property more effectively.

Analyzing Your Pricing Strategy

Am I selecting a Realtor based on services or price?
Is the local market rising, falling or staying even?
Is my opinion of value based on the actual neighborhood sale prices?
How many homes in this area are competing against mine right now?
How does my home compare with those in the area?
Have any neighboring homes been on the market too long? Why?
Is my home consistent with, larger than or smaller than the surrounding homes?
Which improvements have I made since purchase that will actually increase value? Which improvements will not?
Are my financial needs influencing my asking price?
Am I willing to price right and stand firm?
What is my gain by buying in the present market?
Are the benefits of moving important enough to price my home at fair market value?