Selling Tips : 21 Ways


21 Ways to Dress your House for Success

21 Steps to selling your house, condo or apartment for the highest price.

1. Uncluttering makes every room look larger and neater. Remove or store things you don't need to create a comfortable and inviting feeling. Remember, when in doubt, throw it out, sell it or give it away.

2. Ensure the outside of your home is appealing by cutting and trimming the lawn and shrubs. Weed, water and pick up after your pets. Re-sod as needed, clean stains from driveways and sidewalks and remove any extra vehicles.

3. In the kitchen, clear extra appliances and accessories from the counters. Remove extra dishes from your cupboards and pack them away. Clear areas used for memos and children's artwork.

4. Clean and organize your bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets, counters and linen closets. Pack and store all extra items.

5. Remove newspapers and old magazines from coffee and end tables. Remove and store any old furniture in need of repair and unhealthy plants and organize books on bookshelves.

6. Clear children play areas, organize and minimize closet items. Store extra toys, clothes and boxes as well as excess furniture you have in bedroom areas.

7. Go through your tool shed, garage and basement to ensure that everything is picked up, stacked up and organized.

8. Cleaning makes your home easy to explore and gives the impression that it has been well cared for. Ensure every room smells as good as it looks, paying special attention to pet areas, nurseries and bathrooms.

9. Wash windows inside and out. Hose down the siding and brick work around the house.

10. Wipe out the inside of all cupboards and polish cabinets. Clean vents and exhaust hoods. Thoroughly clean all appliances inside and out.

11. Remove any stains, mold or damaged caulking around tubs, shower stalls and sinks. Clean and polish glass, mirrors and metal fixtures.

12. Have all carpets cleaned or at minimum spot cleaned. Polish furniture and woodwork. Clean and polish light fixtures.

13. Ensure that drapes and blinds are clean and dust-free. Clean and polish all floors.

14. Repairing eliminates potential objections before they arise. If you think something is too much trouble to fix, chances are someone else will, too.

15. Repair or replace damaged window screens, glass or hardware. Repaint damaged trim areas around doors, windows and roof areas. Replace and repaint damaged fencing.

16. Repair leaky faucets. Replace defective light bulbs, broken electrical outlets and switch plates. Fill and paint any cracks in ceiling and walls. Check all appliances, furnace, hot water heater and laundry connections and repair as needed.

17. Neutralizing helps people visualize their own things in your house and picture themselves living there. Use neutral paint, decor and carpeting to create a home for any lifestyle.

18. Replace outdated wallpaper with a neutral paint or paper. Replace patterned shower curtains and towels with new ones in neutral colours.

19. Consider painting your cement basement and garage floors in a neutral colour. It will look newer and brighter this way.

20. Look through home decorating magazines for decorating ideas that can give your home that appealing edge. From fresh flowers to fresh smells, this is the finishing touch.

21. Lastly, identify jobs around the house that need to be done prior to showing your home. This should be a quick process, done daily, to make it easy for you and your family and ensure that your home is ready for SHOW TIME!